Liquid Assets Facelift

Originally I had been assigned a task to add some social integration to the site, and clean up the homepage. The site had originally been developed on our in-house CMS, and given the ammount of changes that I was making, I decided to take it upon myself to re-build the site using WordPress, allowing us to provide the client with an easier-to-manage admin, and easier to customize website. Although the final product was not meant to stray far from the existing look and feel, moving it into WordPress allowed me to re-imagine some things.

A before shot of the website.

A before shot of the website.

After meeting with the client, we learned that they were going for more of a rustic feel, and I therefore decided to bring in some more texture, and lose the clean white background and sans-serif typeface. Liquid Assets has some beautiful imagery of their food and establishment, so having a rotating image as the background only made sense. I also decided to add a simple icon in the lower right corner that, when hovered, hides the content of the page and allows the user to experience the background images for what they are, giving them the sense of being in the restaurant. I am pretty happy with the overall product, and more updates may be following.

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