Liquid Assets Facelift

Originally I had been assigned a task to add some social integration to the site, and clean up the homepage. The site had originally been developed on our in-house CMS, and given the ammount of changes that I was making, I decided to take it upon myself to re-build the site using WordPress, allowing us to provide the client with an easier-to-manage admin, and easier to customize website. Although the final product was not meant to stray far from the existing look and feel, moving it into WordPress allowed me to re-imagine some things.

A before shot of the website.

A before shot of the website.

After meeting with the client, we learned that they were going for more of a rustic feel, and I therefore decided to bring in some more texture, and lose the clean white background and sans-serif typeface. Liquid Assets has some beautiful imagery of their food and establishment, so having a rotating image as the background only made sense. I also decided to add a simple icon in the lower right corner that, when hovered, hides the content of the page and allows the user to experience the background images for what they are, giving them the sense of being in the restaurant. I am pretty happy with the overall product, and more updates may be following.

Soft Launch…

I will be doing a “soft launch” of my website this week, letting friends and family know about it, gaining feedback and comments. During that time I will be working on social media integration, as well as finishing up the addition of my work. I still have plenty left to tweak, but here goes nothing.

Coming Back…

So our “slow” season was anything but this year, which is always a good thing. Things at work are going great, and I have been super busy with wrapping things up with the end of summer. All of that said, I am stepping back and will heopfully get to finish this thing asap. It is going to take priority here int he next few weeks and I have set my goal of when to go live.

As always, Stay tuned.

Busy Busy Busy…

The past few weeks I have been focusing on training for the world’s largest Beach Ultimate Tournament. Tim Morrill, a good friend and colleague of mine, had a vision to put together a strong team to compete this year. I used to be in great shape in college, and I fell in love with the game of ultimate as soon as I was introduced to the game during my freshmen year of college in 2005. This weekend all of my hard work and conditioning will pay off, and hopefully we can compete at a high level. Lets go team #humiliswag (humility + swagger).

That all being said, I have been working on the site in the evenings, and planning out how I want certain aspects to function in my ever-filling notebook. I have set a deadline in my head of when I want this site up and fully functioning, and have also started the wheels turning on the next adventure. Here is a hint… VW.

I am also wrapping up a few larger projects at work, as well as starting some cool new projects.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Web Projects Added

While getting my first good sunburn of the year and watching Phil lose another heart-breaker on Sunday, I spent this weekend working hard on the website, getting 37 websites that I have built up in the portfolio section. I still have all of my work done outside and prior to my job at D3Corp left to get up, which is a lot, but I hope to have that up in the coming weeks. I will be building / posting work simultaneously so the project that is this website will take some time.

I have a lot going on these next few weeks including a wedding for a good friend, and a trip to the Orioles game with my girlfriend and her family. Stay tuned as I will be doing my best to get this project wrapped up by the end of July.

The Globe site is LIVE!

The GLobe Theater Restaurant website went live this past week, and I am happy to see it do so! It was a tough project, since they needed a backend that handled event registration and seating reservations, as well as custom event handling. It was a daunting task, and I learned a lot through the project. They are super happy with the site, and I am proud to have gotten to work on the site.