Creative Consulting

Being an active member in the creative community since 2007, I have not only learned what efficient and effective design is, but more importantly how to bring that out in others. Working with clients to create something fresh but functional has grown my passion for creation. Whether it be for a project that I am working on, or the design or initial concept of your idea, I work closely with you to bring you ideas to life.


Design & Development

Development is what I focus the majority of my time on, and it shows in my work. I create innovative and easy to maintain website for my clients, and work closely with you every step of the way. From custom WordPress development to building a site from scratch, I work hard to gain an understanding of your clients needs and your target audience. I then pair my design background with the technical skills I have learned working many years in the industry to create and build a unique website catered to your needs.

Social Media

In the age of the smartphone, it is as important as ever to have a strong social media presence in order for your business to be successful. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest are not only effective ways of reaching new clients and customers, but play important roles in retaining those people in the future. I setup accounts and train you on how to easily keep fresh content in front of your consumers.

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Design & Production

Business cards, posters, decals, vinyl lettering, banners, letterheads, magazine ads, billboards, vehicle graphics, yard signs, trade show graphics, t-shirts, and marketing materials. These are just a handful of products that I have worked on for clients in the past. If you see it printed somewhere, I can design it for you. Working in the print industry while in college and shortly after graduation, I understand how to create compelling design while keeping down the cost associated with print materials.

Logo & Brand Identity

Solid branding is arguably the most important thing that any business needs, and the first thing you should think about when considering entering the business world. Your brand is the foundation of your future success, and therefore should be well thought out and in no way rushed. It starts with the ever-important logo, and evolves into your business card, website, marketing materials, and much more. A solid brand not only attracts consumers to you, but retains them for repeat business. I approach the creation of your brand from a consumers perspective, studying the current competition and working to ensure you stand out above the rest. This aspect of design requires many comps and ample conversation to make sure we choose the best face for your business.

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One of the keys to being a good artist is the ability to draw, whether with a pencil or with a mouse in Illustrator. I tend to focus on illustrating things that get information across to an audience, i.e. logos, icons, info-graphics, trade show graphics, marketing materials & technical illustrations. My designs tend to follow more strict guidelines, with clean, uniform line work and technical at their core.

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Photography is a passion of mine, and now that I have succumbed to world of the iPhone you won’t find me out without a camera. My design background and experience in this industry allows me to see the world in a different perspective. From event photography to product shots, I shoot photos with my Nikon D3100 and multitude of lenses. I also use my phone to capture photos of my daily life experience, which you can view here.

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